CCALA engages in advocacy on behalf of the parents, children, and small business owners (child care providers) we serve through our combined programs.

2019-20 State Budget Child Care and Early Learning Wins

On Thursday, June 27, Governor Newsom signed the State budget totaling $214.8 billion, of which $5.3 billion is allocated to child care and development programs. Below is an overview of the state budget and some of the legislative wins for child care and early learning, along with what’s pending at the federal level.

This year, CCALA engaged in more than 70 legislative interactions. We could not have achieved the state child care wins without the continued advocacy of our agencies, community partners and legislative champions. Below are a few pictures from some of our legislative visits:


On January 10, 2019, Governor Newsom presented his first State budget, which includes robust investment in early learning and care programs. Below is a summary of the proposed State budget and investments in early learning and care programs. For further details on the proposed 2019-20 State budget, visit:  

2019-20 State Budget Summary 

2018-19 Investment in Early Learning and Care Programs

Below is a summary of federal and state child care investments for fiscal year 2018-19, including State legislation supported by CCALA. For further information about each bill, visit California Legislative Information and to stay current with Legislative hearings, visit CalChannel.

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