Gateways for Early Educators™️ Trainer Approval System

The Gateways for Early Educators™ (Gateways) Trainer Approval System is a prominent feature of the Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles (CCALA) Gateways for Early Educators™ program. CCALA believes that consistent standards for trainers promote professional development training that supports early childhood professionals in finding and choosing training opportunities. The Trainer Approval System verifies and ensures high quality trainers for the training provided across Los Angeles County through the ten CCALA Resource and Referral (R&R) and Alternative Payment (AP) agencies.

Gateways for Early Educators™ features comprehensive training in various early childhood education topic areas aligned with the California Early Childhood Education (ECE) Competencies. With over 40 years of experience offering training and support to all types of child care providers, including family child care, center-based, and licensed-exempt providers, the Child Care Alliance agencies together are one of the largest training vendors in the state.

Trainer Registry Approval

The Trainer Registry Approval process gives trainers the opportunity to demonstrate that they have experience and formal education in early childhood or a specialized area whose expertise can be beneficial to child care programs. It also ensures that trainers have experience in and knowledge of adult learning principles and presenting workshops and training sessions to diverse adult learners and early childhood professionals.

Trainer approval is required of trainers who are interested in conducting trainings for any one of the CCALA agencies. Once approved, trainers will set up a profile and instructor access on the California ECE Workforce Registry.

Join the Child Care Alliance and the ten R&R and AP agencies across Los Angeles County as we create consistency, and set high standards for all early childhood trainers by submitting your application.


For more information about the Trainer Registry Application, contact:

Zenaida Meza
Professional Development and Coaching Manager