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What is the California Early Care and Education Workforce Registry?

  • The CA ECE Workforce Registry is a web-based system designed to track and promote the employment, training, and education accomplishments of early childhood care and education (ECE) teachers and providers.

What are the benefits to being a member of the Registry?

  • Registry participants can:
    1. Build a professional profile that can be securely accessed and updated anytime.
    2. Electronically store education, training, employment and professional growth accomplishments, including transcripts and permits.
    3. Create a resume and share professional qualifications.
    4. Be recognized as an Early Childhood Education professional.

How will Registry data be used?

  • The Registry confidentially stores data that will help identify gaps and patterns of college course completion and training on a regional and state level. This information can then be used to raise awareness of the workforce issues that impact early care and education programs. This information is vital to encouraging increased recognition and compensation for knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the early childhood education field.
  • The Registry will provide the first comprehensive look at the early childhood workforce in California.  This information will help researchers, policy-makers, and funders better understand the educational, professional development and employment needs of early care and education providers and teachers. By being part of the Registry, you can help to make this happen.
  • Registry data will be reported in aggregate.  Your personal information, including your name, address, telephone number, email address, social security number, and submitted documents are kept confidential and will never be released.

What languages does the Registry serve?

  • The Registry serves the following three languages:
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Chinese

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How do I join the Registry?

  • Go to and click “Register Now”.  You will be directed to the registration page.  An email address is required for registration.  Once the registration page is complete, click “continue with registration”.

How do I activate my account?

  • Once you finish registering, you will receive an email with a link and instructions to activate your account.  Click the link, or copy and paste the link into your web browser.  You will be directed to the Registry website where you will log in using the email address and password you created during the registration process.  Once you log in, your account is officially activated.

What does it cost to join the Registry?

  • At this time, there is no cost for participants to join the Registry.  Registration fees are currently covered by the Mimi and Peter Haas Fund.

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What information goes in the Registry?

The Registry can securely store all your employment, education, and training information.

  • Employment information includes listing your current position as well as prior jobs.  For example, the facility name, job title, start date, end date, hourly/annual wages, and part-time/full-time status.
  • Education information will include college degrees, including degree name, college courses completed, child development permits, teaching credentials, and professional development trainings.

What information needs to be verified and who verifies my information?

  • Education, credential, and training information will be verified by Registry staff.
  • Current self-reported employment information will be verified by the current employer participating in the CA ECE Workforce Registry.

What happens if my employer is not on the CA ECE Workforce Registry and does not verify my employment information?

  • The Registry offices will work with employers to encourage participation.
  • In some cases employers are required to participate based on program participation.

I am an employer and want to verify my employee’s employment information.  What are the steps? 

  • Employers must create a Registry account and request and be granted Administrative Access to the Registry to verify staff employment.
    • After creating a Registry account, log in and click Administrative Access Request.
    • After reading the instructions and information on this page press Request Administrative Access.
    • You will be prompted to search for a School/Institution, type the name of your program.
    • When you see your program(s), select it and “Add to List”.  If you have more than one program, select and “Add to List” until all the facilities you administer are listed, then press Submit Request.
    • Follow the instructions on the page following Submit Request for required documentation.  Once received and processed by the designated Registry Office (Los Angeles or San Francisco depending on county of employment), Registry staff will approve/deny access.
  • If an employer chooses not to set up an account, then employment information will be housed in the Registry but will remain unverified.  The Registry office will be working with employers to encourage and support participation.

How often is my information updated?

  • Contact information should be changed as it occurs to ensure that Registry staff is able to communicate with you, if necessary.
  • Employment information should be kept up to date so that accurate information is available for you (for example, Resume Builder), and your employer, if required to report on staffing.
  • In order to best showcase qualifications, it is beneficial to submit all education information; college transcripts, Child Development Permits and Credentials.
    • It is strongly recommended to regularly update the profile with trainings and submit updated transcripts annually, upon degree attainment, and/or when eligible for a new child development permit.

Please note that only trainings with appropriate documentation will be verified and uploaded to a participant’s profile. 

How do I makes changes to my profile (name, email, password, address, contact information, etc.)?

  • Go to and log into your account.  Click the quick link square you wish to edit, and you will be able to make edits to the following areas:
    • Personal Information (for example, Former Last Name(s), email address, password, home address, etc.)
    • Experience (for example, current employer, former employer)
    • Self-Reported Education Information (for example, degree, child development permit, credential)
    • Demographic Information (for example, date of birth, marital status, race/ethnicity, languages spoken, etc.)

What if I forgot my password?

  • On the login page, there is a link that says “Forgot your password?”  Click this link and you will be directed to a page where you will enter your email address (the same email address as your user name).  Your password will be emailed to you.

What if I forgot the email address I used to register or have a typo in my email and I cannot log in?

  • Contact the Registry Office for assistance with verifying the email used for the account and/or correcting your email address.


For the Los Angeles Office (Southern California)
Email us at:


For the San Francisco Office (Northern California)
Email us at:

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What documents need to be submitted? 

  • In order to create an Education and Training Report for each Registry participant all education and training information, documents such as transcripts, Child Development Permits, Credentials, CDAs and training certificates need to be submitted to the designated Registry office, see “How do I submit”.
  • Appropriate documentation includes:
    • Official college transcripts from an accredited institution(s) for degree(s) earned or college course work completed.  Unofficial transcripts, college printed but envelope opened and photocopies (only accepted in Los Angeles County) will be accepted, however they will be entered as unofficial until such time as official transcripts are submitted.  All transcripts must be clear, legible, and free of highlights, written marks, and white-out.  They must include your name and the name of the college.
    • Documents issued from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC); Child Development Permits or Credential must include first and last name, the document number, issue date, and expiration date.
    • Official training document or certificate issued from the training organization.  The certificate must include the name of the training that was completed, the number of hours completed, and the signature of the trainer.

We do not accept faxed documents for verification.  The quality of faxed documents is poor, which can negatively impact the speed and accuracy of verifications, and prohibit uploading documents to participant profiles.

How do I submit education documents?

  • Official college transcripts (mailed from the institution), unofficial transcripts (envelope opened) issued by the institution, and photocopies of college transcripts will be sent to either the Northern or Southern California Registry Office depending on if you work in LA or SF.
    • Registry participants that work in Los Angeles County submit all documents via mail or in-person delivery to:

For Southern California – Los Angeles: 

The Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles – ECE Workforce Registry Office,
815 Colorado Blvd. Suite C
Los Angeles, CA 90041.

    • Registry participants that work in San Francisco County submit all documents to:

For Northern California –San Francisco: 

San Francisco Office of Early Care and Education
Attn: CA ECE Workforce Registry
P.O. Box 7988 (A-411)
San Francisco, CA 94120-7988.

  • All other documentation, including unofficial transcripts, may be submitted by:
    • Mail at the address indicated above or Scanned and emailed as a PDF attachment to for Los Angeles County.

How do I submit training documents, Child Development Permits, credentials, or CDAs?

  • Training documents, Child Development Permits and Credentials issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, or CDAs (Child Development Associate issued by the Council for Professional Recognition) will be sent to either the Northern or Southern California Registry Office depending on if you work in LA or SF.
    • Registry participants that work in Los Angeles County submit all documents via mail or in-person delivery to:

For Southern California – Los Angeles: 

The Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles – ECE Workforce Registry Office,
815 Colorado Blvd. Suite C
Los Angeles, CA 90041.
OPTION: Scanned and emailed as a PDF attachment to

    • Registry participants that work in San Francisco County submit all documents to:

For Northern California –San Francisco: 

San Francisco Office of Early Care and Education
Attn: CA ECE Workforce Registry
P.O. Box 7988 (A-411)
San Francisco, CA 94120-7988.
OPTION: Scanned and emailed as a PDF attachment to

What happens to my documents after I submit them?

Once documents have been received by the Registry Office they will be opened, reviewed for authenticity, and attached to your profile by Registry staff only.  The documents will be kept in a secure location.  Documents will not be returned to the participants and are shredded once the verification and uploading process is complete.  Participants will be able to view and print their submitted documents, as will their current employer.

What if I see a document on my profile that is out of date?  Can I delete it?

  • If you have an expired Child Development Permit on file, please submit an updated permit as soon as you are issued a new one.  The new document will be updated on your profile and be added to your Education and Training Report.
    • Participants will not have the ability to delete uploaded documents.  For questions or concerns regarding uploaded documents, participants should contact the designated Registry Office based on the county you are employed in.

How long does it take to view the documents I submitted and print my Education and Training Report?

  • The speed of creating the Education and Training Report varies depending on a variety of factors, including the volume of documents that need to be processed and the prioritization of those documents. Registry staff are committed to creating the Education and Training Report, making documents available to view to Registry participants, and updating participant profiles in a timely manner.

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What if my education or degree is from another country?

  • International education documents are required be evaluated by an international education and credential evaluation service, as required by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing. For post-secondary education, the evaluation should list how many quarter/semester hours your coursework is equivalent to in the United States, and what your degree (if any) should be equivalent to in the United States. A copy of the evaluation should be sent to the designated Registry Office for verification.

The State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing has approved several organizations for foreign transcript evaluation, therefore the Registry Office will only accept a Foreign Transcript Evaluation from the following organizations:

    • Academic & Professional International Evaluations, Inc. (APIE)
    • Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute (ACEI)
    • Academic & Credential Records, Evaluation & Verification Services (ACREVS)
    • American Education Research Corporation (AERC)
    • Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (ECE)
    • Educational Records Evaluation Service (ERES)
    • Foreign Credential Services of America (FCSA)
    • Foreign Credential Services of America West, Monterey, CA (FCSA-WEST)
    • Institute for International Credentials Evaluations at California State University, Fresno (IICE)
    • International Education Research Foundation, Inc. Credentials Evaluation Service (IERF)
    • World Education Services (WES) and WES – San Francisco Regional Office

These organizations are private enterprises who charge a fee for their services.

Who can edit or change my information?

Participants will edit their own profile information, however in order to add trainings and course work to a participant’s profile, official transcripts must be submitted to The Child Care Alliance Registry Office for Southern California or The San Francisco Human Services Agency – Office of Early Care and Educations for Northern California.  The Registry Office staff will then update the participant’s profile with the course work and trainings, and upload the transcripts, permits, and/or credentials to his/her profile.

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I am a Program Director.  How does the Registry benefit my program and what information do I need to submit?

  • The Registry offers program administrators a way of documenting the qualifications of their staff.  That documentation can be used in reporting to funders or California Community Care Licensing and creating staff professional development plans.  In addition, with administrative access, program administrators will have the ability to verify employment for their staff, and view their staffs’ ongoing educational progress, qualifications, and achievements.  Administrative access can be granted for one or multiple sites.

In order to gain access to these Registry benefits, a Program Director must do the following:

  1. Create a Registry account
  2. Request administrative access by clicking on “Administrative Access Request.”
  3. Submit the following documents:
    1. A child care license from Community Care Licensing (CCL)
    2. A letter from the Board of Directors authorizing administrative access (if the administrator is not the owner)
    3. A pre-printed letterhead with the Program Director’s name and title OR
    4. A business card with the Program Director’s name and title

If a Program Director is designating another representative to confirm employment details, the designee must create a Registry account and request administrative access.  The Program Director must submit a letter on agency letterhead authorizing administrative access for the designated individual.

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How does the Resume Builder work?

  • The resume builder is a tool that takes information from the ECE Workforce Registry, allows you to add additional information, then uses the information to create a formatted resume. The results output to a Word document that you can save and edit further. The Resume Builder is in English only.

What is the Job Board and how does it work?

  • The Job Board enables practitioners to gain access to job opportunities in the child development field, contact employers and submit Education and Training Reports and Resumes generated by the Registry.
  • The Job Board enables Program Administrators to post job based on type of job, job title, minimum qualifications, as well as upload a customized job description. Practitioners can log in and search for jobs and contact Program Administrators for application process.

What new Registry features can I look forward to in the future?

  • Training/Trainer module:  The training/trainer module is currently in development and will feature a calendar of trainings being offered across Los Angeles County, and will also include information on the trainer.  As a Registry participant, you will be able to register for the trainings directly from the Registry.

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Which office do I contact if I need assistance?


  • To contact The Child Care Alliance Registry Office in Los Angeles:
    • Email questions to
    • Call the Registry Office at 888-92CHILD or 888-922-4453. Se hablaespanol.
    • Visit the Registry Office at 812 Colorado Blvd., Suite C, Los Angeles, CA 90041 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm)


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