Member Agencies

The member agencies of the Child Care Alliance provide an array of services in their communities, including subsidized child care, resource and referral, early childhood education and training, and various other programs exclusive to each agency.  Our agencies have a strong understanding of their areas’ unique communities, possess the cultural competencies to work effectively with their diverse clientele and have established relationships with large networks of child care providers.  Our partner agencies also have years of experience building on, expanding and adapting various programs and program models to meet the ongoing needs of children, families and providers.

Through our 10 member agencies, we reach over 18,000 providers (9,000 licensed and 9,000 license-exempt) across Los Angeles County.  We serve over 40,000 children each month through the management of county and state subsidies for child care (vouchers).   Additionally, our agencies provide resource and referral services to parents and providers, processing 37,000 requests for child care referrals and 28,000 requests for other child care information per year.

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