CCALA was formed in 1997 when its agencies came together to share best practices around the implementation of the subsidized child care program (part of CalWORKs). Collectively, the Alliance agencies created a system for families who needed support that focused on standards, quality assurance, increased accountability and program integrity.  Since 1997, Alliance agencies have managed the child care voucher programs, specifically, CalWORKs Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Three and Alternative Payment child care contracts.  We’ve helped thousands of former welfare recipients and low-income parents stay employed and/or pursue training programs that have led to employment.

In 2006, building on more than 40 years of training, information, technical assistance and support to child care providers, the Alliance agencies aligned their training and coaching programs into a single professional development system known as Gateways for Early Educator™. This system includes the Gateways Passport, a comprehensive training program offered throughout the county at each Resource and Referral agency, as well as an individualized coaching model to support the implementation of knowledge into practice.

Expanding on the program delivery model created through Gateways, in 2011 the Alliance began managing and implementing various county-wide programs.  These have included an emergency preparedness and vaccination program, Quality Rating and Improvement Systems programs (formerly STEP, currently Race to the Top), Choose Health LA Child Care, Healthy Mouths Healthy Lives, and the National Early Care and Education Learning Collaboratives.

Our comprehensive, county-wide model has positioned us to nimbly respond to a wide variety of constituent needs.  Due to the breadth and depth of services offered, CCALA is recognized as a vital partner in efforts around Early Childhood Education workforce development, policy, advocacy, and initiatives at local, county and state levels.