The California ECE Workforce Registry

What is the Registry?

The California Early Care and Education Workforce Registry is an efficient, web-based system designed to verify and securely store and track the employment, training, and education accomplishments of early childhood care and education (ECE) teachers and providers. Participation in the California Early Care and Education Workforce Registry provides you and your staff the opportunity to be part of this statewide data system for all early care and education professionals.

To learn more about the California ECE Workforce Registry see the video below and read the latest report, “Improving ECE Workforce Registry Data: Opportunities for CA.”

How to Create a Profile on the CA ECE Workforce Registry

To learn how to create your Registry profile go to or go to the link below.

  • ENGLISH: Learn how to create a profile on the CA ECE Workforce Registry. Click here.
  • SPANISH: Mirar una lección para crear y mantener su cuenta del Registro. Haga clic aquí.
  • CHINESE: 觀看註冊帳號建立及維護的教學影片. 点击呢度
What are the benefits to being a member of the Registry?

As a participant in the Registry, participants will be able to:

  1. Build a professional profile that can be securely accessed and updated anytime.
  2. Electronically store education, training, and employment and professional growth accomplishments including transcripts and permits.
  3. Search and sign up for training workshops and professional development opportunities which are automatically stored on your Registry profile.
  4. Create a resume and share professional qualifications.
  5. Search for jobs using the Registry Job Board
To access the Training Calendar click here.

The CCALA Network offers a number of workshops to providers. You must have a Registry Profile to access the Calendar.

To create an account or learn more about the advantages of participating in the Registry, please visit the Early Care and Education Workforce Registry website at

Be part of this exciting new professional opportunity! To sign up today, visit: