The Emergency Child Care Bridge Program for Foster Children is a unique childcare subsidy program that not only provides eligible families with a time limited childcare voucher to help pay for childcare costs for foster children birth through age 5 and their siblings, but also offers Trauma-Informed Care services to childcare programs across Los Angeles County.

What is Trauma-Informed Care (TIC)?

Trauma-Informed Care is an approach that recognizes how various forms of trauma, such as but not limited to physical, sexual, emotional, and historical, impact a child’s development and teaches childcare providers how to understand and respond to behaviors associated with those traumas in children.

TIC Curriculum

Our robust TIC training curriculum is free to all childcare providers across Los Angeles County, in English and Spanish, and consists of three main components:

  • Core Curriculum:  Our core curriculum consists of 8, 2-hour modules that provides the foundational understanding of childhood trauma.  Topics include:
    • Orientation to the Bridge Program
    • How Trauma Impacts Development (2-part training)
    • Identifying Childhood Trauma
    • Responding to Childhood Trauma (2-part training)
    • Strengthening Families
    • Self-Care for Providers
  • Historical TraumaPrerequisite, core curriculum.  Our historical trauma curriculum consists of 4, 2-hour modules that provides insight and understanding on the 3 main components of historical trauma: race, ethnicity, and culture.  Topics include:
    • Understanding Historical Trauma
    • Resurfacing the Past – Historical Trauma in the U.S.
    • Historical Trauma – From Past to Present
    • Historical Trauma – Supporting Children and Families Today
  • SEEDS Trauma-Informed Care for Infants and Toddlers:  Prerequisite, core curriculum.  Our SEEDS TIC for Infants and Toddlers consists of 4, 2-hour modules that provides understanding and strategies to soothe dysregulated behaviors in infants and toddlers.  Topics include:
    • Recognizing Infant and Toddler Cues
    • Understanding Infant and Toddler Cues
    • Responding in Hot Moments to Infants and Toddlers
    • Responding in Cool Moments to Infants and Toddlers

TIC Coaching Services

Our Los Angeles County Trauma-Informed Care Advisors provide one-on-one coaching services to childcare providers who have Bridge Program children enrolled in their facility.  Coaching services focus on skill-building and practice in applying the information presented in the trainings and offer strategies in a wide range of topics including: supporting the parent/resource parent relationship with the child, building a safe and welcoming environment, soothing dysregulated behaviors, building positive relationship with provider and child, promoting self-regulation and executive functioning, implementing routines, self-care for providers, reflective practice, and much more.

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