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Welcome to Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles

We are here to help you navigate the early education and child care system in Los Angeles County. We represent agencies in Los Angeles County that offer a variety of early education and child care services and programs. The information and resources available on through the Child Care Alliance include:
  • Connecting parents and families to a local Child Care Resource and Referral agency for information about early education and child care options.
  • Providing information about the various subsidized child care programs.
  • Linking early educators and child care providers to training and technical assistance through the Gateways for Early Educators Program.
  • Informing providers about training sessions and technical assistance workshops through the Gateways Countywide Training Calendar.
  • Updating the community on key public policy issues impacting early education and child care programs.
  • Offering information about other services, programs, and initiatives for parents and providers.
For more information, please feel free to email us at info@ccala.net or contact us at (323) 274-1380 (main).

The mission of the Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles is to make quality child care and early education, and school readiness services accessible to all families in Los Angeles County through an Alliance of community focused Alternative Payment and Resource and Referral agencies.

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