Welcome to Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles

The Child Care Alliance of Los Angeles (CCALA), also referred to as, the Alliance, is a unique and significant partnership of ten partner agencies that serve communities at the local level. Formed in 1997, Alliance agencies deliver services to thousands of families and child care providers across Los Angeles County. Our member agencies can help with the following services:

  • Assist families in finding and identifying quality child care and other existing supportive services in the community
  • Provide subsidized child care vouchers to eligible families through programs such as CalWORKs Stages 1, 2, and 3, Alternative Payment (AP), and the Emergency Child Care Bridge program
  • Offer comprehensive training and other workforce professional development for child care providers to enhance practice with a focus on quality improvement.
  • Convey information to families and child care providers on topics such as advocacy, health, nutrition, and other family-strengthening initiatives

CCALA – Collective Leadership

Our countywide, partner agencies can provide comprehensive child care and early learning services and programs, reach providers, families, and children at a grass-roots level in multiple languages, and have the cultural competencies and strong understanding of their unique communities to work effectively with their diverse clientele.

Connections for Children